To The Unknown God

I am praying to you right now, on the chance that you do exist. If you really do exist, this is something that I would like to know. And if you are real, I want to know who you really are and what you are really like.

There are so many opinions out there about what your name is, what you are like, and how to reach you.

I'm not interested in opinions I want the truth. If you are all knowing, as they say, then you know why I have my reasons to doubt. I'm not looking to be part of a religion I'm looking to be a part of your family - your true family.

If you are all loving, as they say, then I'm sure you feel compassion for the ways in which I've been hurt before. If you are all wise, as they say, then I'm sure you have just the right way to reveal yourself to me.

I'm open to changing my mind to being changed by you all I ask for is that YOU be the one to convince me.

I don't want to stand upon somebody else's argument; I want to have my own experience of you. I don't want to count on others' reasons for believing, I want to have my own.

I have heard it said that if one seeks, he or she will find. This is a step in me in seeking. I don't want to find knowledge about you, based on others' understandings. I want to find YOU. And if you are real, I know you will give me understanding.

I hear that there are false gods out there, and if they exist, I am not praying to you, false gods. I am praying to the Real God, whoever you are. Please protect me from being deceived, distracted, hindered, or harmed by these false gods.

I seek the God that is True and Real. I seek the God that is personal and will meet me where I am. I don't know all things, but if you are God, then I assume that you must, and therefore it will not be hard for you to reveal truth to me.

Give me eyes to see truth and ears to hear truth and a heart that knows and receives truth. If you are all good as they say, then I can feel confident that you will, in just the perfect way for me, answer this request that I'm praying today.