To those who call themselves human

May this prayer be a sum of my desires and wishes. My way of saying thank you out loud. To share my thoughts, reflections and concerns. Not to any specific power but to the community around me. To those who call themselves human.

May today and every day be an opportunity for me to learn from others. To be teachable and in turn to teach where I have the chance. May I be present in every conversation that I choose to be in and polite enough to excuse myself from those which I donít.

I pray that I have the courage to stand up for those who are weaker than I, and to speak on their behalf when they have no voice, yet also know when to be silent and respect those same persons who want nothing to be said.

May I be the best friend, husband, Dad, son, uncle, brother or whatever human relationship I have with others. To recognize that I will mess up but to own it. To acknowledge that I can only really influence those things within my sphere of power, and to let those things outside of the sphere not bother me.

I pray that I will know the difference between fact and opinion. To chose to hold on to those things which will better me and not make me bitter. To realize that every one creates their own story and that debate on an issue is at best, my opinion and worldview, not to be imposed on another for conversion or any other means of coercing them to my way of thinking. To honor that it is each to their own and to only speak out if such a belief causes harm to another.

I pray that each day I am reminded each moment I have on this earth is precious and to make the most of it. To honor my body. To say sorry and mean it. To laugh more often than I am sad. To walk my talk. To realize that I am enough. And be happy with that. To be an example of the humanity I wish to see in the world around me.